the Young Canadian Leadership Challenge


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le Défi Leadership Jeunesse Canada

“You just had to be there ... “

“I take it as a challenge to demonstrate how the design of the Young Canadian Leadership Challenge defies all odds to instil self-respect, promote values woven into the English and French Canadian fabric over a formative 400 years, and send youth of all backgrounds on their way deeply appreciating the vibrant diversity they have newly come to appreciate in others?

It’s asking a lot! You won’t be the first person who was skeptical. The man in the video on the left above was somewhat typical. He came, dabbled at the edges,  and then suddenly he saw that he was in the midst of a joyous youth learning experience, which fully involved him too.

Won’t you follow our video tour in your choice of official languages and see for yourself?

To take the tour in English CLICK HERE. Pour suivre la tournée en français CLIQUEZ ICI.”

The Young Canadian Leadership Challenge was founded in 1999-2000 by Brian Bailey M.D. and a group of volunteers, The Leaders of Tomorrow Institute - many of whom you will meet inside the site.  If you are part of a group wanting to see unprecedented results in youth from 10 to 19 years of age, and have access to adult volunteers,  click YOUR OWN YCLC, call Brian at 819-827-0561 or e-mail him at