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The Codds/Codes of North Elmsley

(Updated Febrary 27th 2007. As I had hoped, a Code researcher of the North Elmsley Codes has surfaced to add new information. I hope more of this will happen - and that it will result in an understanding which has been elusive to date.)

The second wave of Codd emigration occurred a full generation later than the initial phase starting in 1817 and  occurring as later as 1832.  Starting in 1849, a new group of Codds arrived who settled North Elmsley Twp. and later Montague Twp. The great majority of these settlers would adopt the CODE spelling of CODD. They were almost universally from the same corner of Wicklow as the earlier Codds - with a predominant number being from the Carnew area.

There is a family story that Thomas Codd* who arrived in 1849 met Rachel Codd on the boat was from Wexford and had siblings George and Lena in Wexford, while Rachel  was (possibly) coming with her large family from Ballingate Townland near Carnew. Rachel's mother (also Rachel) had originally come from Aghold.

*The above Thomas-Rachel meeting on the boat may be just a story passed down through generations. These stories get distorted and embellished over time. We do know from the passing on of family Bibles that one of Rachel or Thomas was from the JOSEPH-RACHEL family below - but this remains obscure.

Click HERE to see the map of Wicklow which locates Carnew and Aghold.

Joseph and Rachel Codd/Code from Ballingate

   ... and William Codd b. 1842
Note: The International Genealogical Index (IGI) lists John Codd as being born Sept. 20th 1823 in Carnew of Joseph and Rachel and William Code born in Ireland with parents Joseph and Rachel. While this sounds like "official" confirmation, IGI is not always right.
JOHN CODE b.c. 1823 was living with Thomas and Rachel in North Elmsley in 1861 - shortly before he married Sarah Code of Beckwith and moved to Con. VIII Lot 4 N. Elmsley. He is presumed to be a brother  of either Thomas b.c. 1815-25 or Rachel b. 1828 - but could have been a cousin.

I have not yet (see below) added WILLIAM CODD b.c. 1840-42 to this family (above), but as seen directly below, his being  a part of this family can be fairly conjectured from other sources.

Work Which Remains To Be Completed

There seems to have been a William Codd b. 1842 as a part of this family but he does not appear in the Carnew Recordswhich are available even if he is idenitfied as such by IGI. All of the baptismal records of the other members of the above family have been checked and are correct. A new list of several Codd births, deaths and marriages showed up in 2006 which includes some previously unknown Carnew Records. This record newly shows, for instance, the death of Thomas Code of Ballingate in Sept. 1840 -  the presumed father of Joseph (above) of Ballingate.

Since it appears that many of the Protestant Irish loyalist CODEs who came to North Elmsley were from Carnew - which was burned to ashes by Irish rebels on June 7th 1798, and since records from the years before and surrounding the Rebellion of 1798 (i.e. up to 1808) are partial or nonexistent, we can only piece together what is known and conjecture the next generation back. But there appears to be sufficient information to do so. The family tree below is "conjectural" - so I will tell you my reasoning for putting it together this way. Hopefully, additional information will still come to light.

The following surnames from Ballingate are found in the Griffith's Evaluation (c. 1850): Barnes, Birch, Bookey, Braddell, Carney,  Carroll, Connors, Cullen,  Doyle,  Hickey, Keogh,  Kidd, Maher,  McCrea, McEvoy,  Molloy,  Murphy,  Nolan,  Osborne,  Porter,  Whelan

These names could be searched in North Elmsley and Montague  Townships in Lanark for families who emigrated.

Conjectural Reasoning:
Thomas Codd
of Ballingate died in September 1840. Joseph Codd/Code b. 1796 who emigrated to North Elmsley was also said to be from Ballingate and his second son is named Thomas. As is seen in other Codd families of this era, often the first son was named after the mother's father and the second after the father's father, a slight variation on the Irish Naming Pattern. There does not seem to have been a John Codd of the previous generation in Carnew, so my guess is that Joseph and Rachel's first son John was named after Rachel's father. Since she was from Aghold, I conjecture that her father was the John Codd in Aghold who was having children with his wife  Ann ____ around the time Rachel was born (i.e. 1796). Since Joseph and Rachel Codd**'s first son, John (b. 1823) married Sarah Code in Canada, daughter of George Code of Beckwith Twp., and since George appears to have been* a son of John Code (b. 1769) or John Codd (b. 1774), I have George Code (b. 1796 or 1797) and Rachel Code (b. 1796) as brother and sister. Not an iron-clad assumption - but quite plausible.

**Two other Codd brothers, William b. 1829 and Joseph b.c 1830 - known as Sailor Bill and Tanner Joe arrived in North Elmsley in 1853. Joseph took up residence in Carleton Place. Letters between William and a brother John of Munahullen (Aghold) who married Jane Leybourne, indicated that Joseph and Rachel were their aunt and uncle - and that Thomas and John were their cousins. There was mention of two other brothers Thomas and Henry, both of whom stayed in Ireland.

It would be tempting to say that William and Joseph were sons of the William and MaryCodd in the Carnew Tree above - and this may prove to be the case - but there is no known-to-me William b. 1829 among the Codds baptized of this couple and the Joseph is about 10 years out of synch. And there is no John. Furthermore, the John of the letters was from Aghold (Munahullen). The 1827 records of the Fitzwilliam family who owned all the land around Aghold record only a Thomas Codd as a renter during the time of their births. Indeed, a Thomas and Ann _____ had a son John in 1824 - while the John of the letters to William died there in 1897 at the age of 78. This would make his birth date 1819 - not a large discrepancy in 19th century Irish records. Thomas and Ann were also recorded as giving birth to a William in 1819, a Rachel in 1821 and a Jane in 1826. Irish records are difficult to rely on -as parents often took their children to churches other than their own for baptism. The Thomas of Thomas and A____ appears to be, by exclusion, a Thomas Codd. b. Nov. 8th 1793 to parents Thomas and Elizabeth.

Since finding the truth necessitates taking everything into consideration, I repeat here the story that Rachel Codd, when she came to Canada in 1849, told the story of already having a brother Joseph already in Canada, we are left with a story which does not hold water. Rachel b. 1828 did have a brother Joseph, but he was b. 1840 - and would only have been 9 years old at the time. Was this story told by her mother Rachel? There was a Joseph Codd b. 1784 who was already in Canada, he did have a sister Rachel - but she was b. 1782 and married a Twamley (see Nauvoo Baptismal File) - while this Rachel was b. 1796.  Interestingly enough, there was another Rachel Codd b. 1794 m. Richard Evans who located in Ramsay Twp. in 1822 who hasn't been linked to the Codd family.  A remaining mystery - needing more sleuthing.

The Question of Who Was George Codd of Beckwith's Father

John Codd b.1823 married (1861) Sarah Codd b. 1823 - the daughter of George Codd  who had established himself in nearby Beckwith Twp. in 1822 (see Main Page). There is a story related by George Code's son Richard of an "uncle" - British Navy Captain John Codd being involved with the defeat of Napoleon (1815), and assigned to guard him in St. Helena afterwards, then dying there while Napoleon was still alive (he died in 1821). The story is of three days of mourning in the Codd household.

This story which must have happened no later than 1821 - since it predated Napoleon's death, has been a "fly in the ointment" to  researchers of George's family, who otherwise would have been comfortable with  John Codd of Aghold as George's father. Could George Codd have had a father named John Codd and an uncle named Captain John Codd? Since he was a Navy Captain in 1815 at the time of Napoleon's defeat, we can conjecture that he was at least 25 years old (probably older) than that his birth date would be 1790 or earlier. Since the term "uncle" was often applied to various relatives of the previous generation, it is both possible and consistent with the story. To date no death record of a Capt. Codd in
St. Helena has been located.

George and Jane Code
had 13 children in Beckwith. The Naming Pattern of the first son being given the  mother's father's name is seen here.

The Codes of Carnew Emigrate to North Elmsley Township

In 1848-9 the Joseph Code-Rachel Code family emigrated.

and (perhaps) William b. 1842

Note: The International Genealogical Index (IGI) lists John Codd as being born Sept. 20th 1823 in Carnew of Joseph and Rachel and William Code born in Ireland with parents Joseph and Rachel. While this sounds like "official" confirmation, IGI is not always right.

By the 1861 Census for North Elmsley we see the following:

Thomas and Jane Code

Thomas b. 1825 had married Jane _______* ( b. 1825, maiden name unknown but born in Ireland). They were living at Beckwith Con. 9 Lot 2 - north of Smiths Falls with four children Eliza Ann b. 1853, Rachel b. 1854, Mary Jane b. 1858. and William John b. 1859. By 1871 they had three more children - Henrietta, b. 1863, Martha b. 1867,  James b. 1869. Of these children, William John married Elizabeth Ballance whose family came from Wicklow as well.

*Since one of  Thomas and Jane's  offspring was named Wilton Oliver, I conjectured that Jane's maiden name was Wilton. This matches very well with the 1861 Census Record of nearby Montague Township where we see a widow, Martha Wilton, age 60 (b. 1801 in Ireland). This would also connect this family with William Code (b.1813) who came from Carnew, Wicklow and Ann Wilton (b.1821) who lived. with her Irish-born parents, in Montague. On the other hand, a descendant who has seen their marriage record tells me that Jane's maiden name was Code. This creates a further mystery of finding out who Jane's parents were.

Thomas and Rachel Code

We also see in the 1861 North Elmsley Census, Thomas and Rachel Code (m. 14 January 1852). Was Rachel the above Thomas' brother - or was this Thomas the son of  Joseph and Rachel Joseph b. 1798 was living with them in 1861. At the time, his wife, Rachel (b. 1796) and her daughter Mary Ann (b. 1832) were living with or near William Code (Ann Wilton) in Montague Twp.  - as Joseph had deserted his wife. The children of Thomas and Rachel were Frances (Fanny), Mary Elizabeth, John Edward, Rachel, Rebecca, Ann Melissa and William George.

The oldest brother (or cousin perhaps), John Code was living with Thomas and Rachel in early 1861 and married Sarah Code daughter of George (Jane Morris) of Beckwith Twp. later in 1861 and moved to Con. 8 Lot 4 of North Elmsley.

Joseph Code, son of Joseph and Rachel

Joseph Code b. 1839, carriage maker, was most certainly the son of Joseph and Rachel, but his obituary lists the brother William b. 1840 - who is not recorded in the Carnew records. Joseph Code married Harriet Foster on April 11th 1860 (William Code witness), moved to Lanark village, and had one daughter Wilhelmina in 1869. He died in 1901. His family Bible was left to William George - son of Thomas and Rachel. The obituary referred to is proof that Joseph and Rachel had another son, not seen in the Carnew records - William b. 1842 who came to Canada and was a blacksmith in Smiths Falls.

William Code b. c. 1842, blacksmith and carriage maker, married Margaret Miskelly in May 1864. There is no record of their having children - but they parented John Code Jr. - the son of John and Sarah after his parents' deaths around 1890.

This William should not be confused with a contemporary William F. Code (1840-43 to 1907- born in Montague - married to Arvilla Fader) who lived (1891 Census) at Con. VI Lot 10 of North Elmsley - who could have been the son of Willam m. Ann Wilton).

The Less-than-complete Story of Thomas Code of Wexford (m. Rachel)

Thomas Code of Con. 7 Lot 5 North Elmsley was said to have met Rachel Code on the boat in 1849. He was said to be a cousin of unknown parentage from Wexford who had a brother George and a sister Lena in Ireland at the time. Thomas and Rachel were closely linked to William "Sailor Bill"(b. 1829) who emigrated with his mother in 1853 (m. Frances Barber) and Joseph (1830-1904) "Tanner Joe" who arrived in 1854 and  married Elizabeth Hawkins
(son Nathaniel (1872-1905). The surname Hawkins strikes a chord, as two generations earlier  - Elizabeth Codd b. 1733 (James Codd and Ann ____) married John Hawkins and it is known that their descendants also emigrated to Canada about 1850.

Thomas and Rachel Code's Family

We know a lot about this family and so it is worth going into detail. I operate with the assumption that it was Rachel from this family who was from the Joseph-Rachel family - but at least one reaearcher sees Thomas as the family memeber.

Frances b. 20 December 1852 Sponsors: John Code (Rachel's brother) & Mrs. Driver
Mary Elizabeth b. 14 June 1854 Sponsors: Rebecca Batana and William Code (Thomas's brother)
John Edward b. 5 June 1856 Sponsors: Joseph code (Rachel's father) and Mrs. Taylor
Rachel Jane b. 13 Dec. 1857 Sponsors Joseph Code (father) and Ann Code (? Ann Wilton Code)
Walter b. 1 June 1862 Sponsor: Sarah Code (wife of Rachel's brother John)
Ann Melissa b. 25 March 1865 Sponsor ? W.G. Holliday, likely friend of William Code) Ann Melissa married William Albert Code, son of Thomas Code and Catherine Rutherford, grandson of John Code and Mary Ann Nugent, possible brother of George Code and Rachel Code)
William George b. 13 May 1867
Sarah Helena b. 23 January 1872 Sponsors William and Fanny Code -
Kasietta b. 23 February 1874.

William Code and Frances Barber's Family

Clearly William b. 1829) who married Frances (Fanny) (d. of Wm. Barber  and Frances Willis) was Joseph "Tanner Joe" of Carleton Place's brother. They were related to the Thomas-Rachel family above as cousins. They were said to have emigrated from Munahullen Townland (Aghold Parish). William and Fanny had the following family:

William Henry b. 1865 (m. Mabel Warren - related to the Warren's of Ramsay (see main page). Mabel's sister, Margaret Warren married William Henry's cousin William George (son of Thomas and Rachel). Canadian Member of Parliament Desmond Code was one of nine children from William Henry's family.
Rev. George b. 1868 m. Helena Best, father of two schoolteachers at Smiths Falls Collegiate Institute - Arthur Code and Isabella Code.
Mary Ann b. 1869 m. James Butler
Joseph A. b. 1870 m. Maud Letts
John R. (not married)
Samuel Barber b. 1874 m. Phoebe Singleton (an Aghold surname)
Thomas Frederick b. 1876 (not married)
Frances Ellen b. 1881 m .William Condie
Rebecca Jane m. Seely Herrington
Alice Maud b. 1883 (not married)

William Code's Obituary

Another of the pioneers of this part of the country was called to his reward on Saturday in the passing of Wm. Code Esq. of North Elmsley.  For the past few years he had been troubled with his heart but only of late had it been of so acute of a nature as to cause special solicitude on the part of his friends.  He was born in the County of Wicklow, Ireland and in 1853, when a young man of 24, he came to Canada to make his way in life.  He settled in North Elmsley where he has lived all the years since - over half a century - and where by industry, honesty and uprightness he succeeded in doing what he set out to do - make a success of life.  He was one of the best known men in the township and none was more generally respected.  Like all the early settlers he knew what hard work was but he had the satisfaction of reaping the reward of his labors.  To him and his estimable helpmeet, who still survives him, a family of six sons and four daughters were born, only one of whom is dead.  One of the greatest sources of satisfaction to this aged couple was the fact that all their children were doing well in life.  The sons are Wm. H., contracter, Smith's Falls, Rev. George, North Augusta, Joseph on the homestead, Samuel, C.E. & O.L.S., and thomas, C.E. & B.A.S.  The daughters are Mrs. Butler, North Gower, Ellen, Rebecca and Alice at home.  The funeral on Monday was one of the largest seen in Smith's Falls in a long time, over a hundred carriages being in line.  The deceased was a faithful member of the Anglican Parish, and the funeral was held in St. John's church and cemetery.

The Remaining Mystery

Researchers have conjectured various parentages for William, Thomas and Joseph. From the two desendant families above, nothing really jumps out at me which corresponds with the Irish Naming Pattern (which was a waning practice by this time) nor is there a William b. 1829 or a Joseph b. 1830  in the accessible Irish Church records (there is one Thomas b. 1824 to Joseph and Mary Codd). The records of St. Mary's Church of Ireland in Bunclody, Wexford, where some Codds from Ballingate were married, baptized or burials are also without a match. It now appears that the mystery is solved at least in part, by the letters from John 's family in Aghold - which confirm William "Sailor Bill"and Joseph "Tanner Joe" (of Carleton Place) as his brothers. This leaves only the parentage of Thomas and Rachel of Thomas and Rachel  as obscure. One or the other of them was from the Joseph-Rachel family. I lean towards Rachel - but am open to it being Thomas.

There are two other Codes (at least) who emigrated in North Elmsley.

 Thomas Code b. 1840, who married Jane ____ on Sept. 11 1869 lived in Carleton Place and had a daughter Isabella

Richard Code (who became Coad) b. 1825 was said to have come from Carlow County and was domiciled in North Elmsley in the 1851 Census. He married Rachel Dack b. 1826, daughter of of  David Dack and Elizabeth Dodds, granddaughter of William Dack and Jane Codd. Their family were Joseph, Frances (Fanny) and David - who lived first in Greenbush and later in the Jasper - Easton's Corners area.

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List of all Code Settlers to North Elmsley

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I invite viewers with special interest in these families the peruse the Census infiormation (not always dead-on accurate) for further details.