In search of my McCreary-Magee-McGee Codd/Code Ancestors 
in Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

This page contains "conjectural genealogy."

Please consider it a "trial balloon" rather than a source of substantiated connections among the persons who appear on it.

If you have information to share which adds to, contradicts or expands the family trees which appear here, send it to me and I will factor it in. The  details of the TWAMLEY family of Aghold Parish have been elusive and here I hope to break the log jam - with your help.

This is not the traditional record-culling approach to genealogy. but whenever a "critical mass" of information has been accumulated by those who cull records - it is possible to conjecture connections  which wouldn't have appeared before.

Rather than apologizing for making such leaps, I am thanking those who have provided the information which makes this possible.


The Twamley Family of Aghold Parish

My great great great grandmother was known as LADY Elizabeth Twamley (1774-1839). She married Thomas Codd *(1773-1852 ). She was born at Croneleagh (also spelled Cronelea Crownalay) Townland, while Thomas was from nearby Mullahullen (also spelled Munahullen Mungacullin). Thomas was said to have "married the boss's daughter." Indeed the Twamley's were landowners and the Codd's renters.

* The RootsWeb record for Thomas Codd contains several inaccuracies as well as several confirmed facts. Elizabeth was not born in 1778. They were not the first settlers of Elma Twp. That information belongs to their son, George (b. 1800). They were not, to my knowlege, linked in any way with the Cody family - but to the Codds of Wexford before 1700. Some other records suggest that Thomas moved to the Smiths Falls area (probably Kitley with his son Richard, both of whom took on the Coad spelling of the name) after his wife's death "to be near his kin."

Elizabeth Twamley's parentage is unknown. Thomas and Elizabeth's first son was George b. 1800 - the year of their marriage.  The birth of a son, James, to a Thomas Codd (wife Elizabeth) who was baptized March 20th 1803 at St. Michael's Church, strongly argues for this James to be their son, as their recorded second son, Thomas b. 1807 should have been, by the Irish Naming Pattern their third son, named after his father. They would go on to have a son James in Canada in 1821 - so probably the younger James died as a child. The records for the 1800-1804 period are quite spotty.

This birth helps considerably in locating Elizabeth's likely Twamley parents - and may even contribute to the  explanation for their later son, Richard's name - as a Richard Codd was born  to a Thomas and Elizabeth Codd within weeks of  James in 1803 -  and this Thomas was likely Thomas (1773)'s uncle - born in 1751.

With the name James appearing as the second son, this would have been the name of Elizabeth (1773)'s father. There are only three Twamley families who could have been Elizabeth's parents - Peter and Mary, Christopher and Jane, or James and Alice.

The name Alice appears among the children of George Code (b. 1800), Thomas Code (b. 1807), while the name James appears in Thomas (1807)'s family. On the other hand, the names Peter and Chistopher appear nowhere in the long list of next generation Codds. The available records for St. Michael's record no births in the 1770's of either a Thomas Codd or an Elizabeth Twamley.

Christopher Twamley's family was the only other Twamley family  recorded at St. Michael's in the 1700's. The Christopher and James Twamley who were killed at Coolkenno during the Rebellion of 1798 are probably the Twamleys from this family. John Twamley continued to live at Coolkenno in 1814 and was 60 years of age - as did a 35 year old John Twamley, possibly his son.

Peter Twamley Moves to Carnew?

Peter Twamley's family is not apparent in the records. There are no St. Michael's records of his children being born there. The Nauvoo Baptismal File places him as the son of John Twamley and Mary Lyndon. LDS files place his birth c. 1755 and that of his wife Mary in the same period, a marriage c. 1770 and confirms Nauvoo File reports of a son, Thomas in 1779. As Peter Twamley (of Coolkenno) died at Carnew on June 13th 1828 at age 84 - this confirms  a Peter Twamley who was born in 1740 - the year John Twamley married  Mary Lyndon. Was this the same Peter? We also see, at Carnew, the death of Thomas Twamley (next Parish of Mulinacuff) April 7th 1824 (b. 1744) and the baptism of Mary Twamley of James and Henrietta Twamley on April 23rd 1828. Carnew records date from no earlier than 1808 - understandable since the Church of Ireland there was burned to the ground during the Rebellion of 1798.

All of the known Twamleys of Aghold Parish (and Carnew) fit into one family without leaving out a single known Twamley from the 1700's*. Although it is not known that Christopher was the son of James and Margaret Twamley, there are no other senior Twamley family as apparent parents. While other Twamley offspring may be found, it seems likely that part of the Aghold Twamley family moved to Carnew, and lacking records for the 1770s from Carnew, we may only be able to guess their existence.

* I may be wrong as Joan Freeman has found in the Dublin Records a Peter Twamley of Aghold who married Mary Mather in 1706 - before St. Michael's was built. Since there are Prerogative Wills for a Peter Twamley dated 1749 (unlikely yo be for a Peter born in 1740), and one for Thomas Twamley dated in the same era, someone should get a copy of these wills, to see if this information is at odds with the Tree below which suggests one family. Perhaps there were two.

There are three conjectures in this Family Tree. Placement of  Elizabeth Twamley who married Thomas Codd as a daughter of James Twamley Jr. is explained HERE - and relies on her being the Elizabeth Codd who had a son James in 1803. She was known as Lady Twamley - as while not a direct descendant of LADY Mary Lyndon, James as the brother of John who married LADY LYNDON, may have been entitled to pass the "title" on to his daughters. Otherwise Elizabeth would have to be a daughter of Peter Twamley, as I once conjectured - but the absence of a Peter in her descendants makes this less likely - but possible.

Peter Twamley*, b. 1800-1808 came to Canada in 1824 and was located near Carleton Place at Con. 12 Lot 19 of Beckwith Twp.  - near Willis, Bailey and Johnston families - surnames known in Aghold. He joined a petition to gain permission to build an Anglican Glebe church at Boyd's Settlement, before leaving for Perth county(1850).  Peter's choice of John as the name of his first son, makes him a likely son of John Twamley, just as John's choice of Peter's name is lilkely a connection to a father named Peter

*Peter Twamley joined the exodus of Aghold families to Western Ontario in the late 1840's and early 1850's where he and his son John secured lots in Bruce County near George Code and adjacent to the present Town of Listowel. CLICK HERE to see.

George Twamley (connection to Peter not yet established) was yet another  Twamley  who came out to Canada, moving first to New York City where he got work with the Vanderbilt family - and later moving to Huron County, East Wawanosh Township where he lived near Richard Coad. CLICK HERE to see.

The inclusion of Thomas Twamley b. 1744 in John and Mary's family is purely to find a place to fit him in. If anything one would be looking for a John or a James if there were another male in this line. This may be wrong - though Peter had a son, Thomas.

Much work remains to flesh out the Twamley Tree - but here we have a good start.