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John Twamley and Edward Chamney To Alice Munro

The Chamney family - which sent Edward Chamney to North Beckwith (Beckwith Con. 10 Lot 1) was said to be "distantly" related to the Captain Chamney and Lieutenant Chamney who died defending their stone house at Ballyraheen during the Rebellion (see Musgrove's Memoires and e-mail from Halpenny Family member) - but how closely, is not known.

Edward Chamney (of Minmore, a small townland near Mullahullen), whose parents are currently unknown, married Jane Twamley at St. Michael's Church in 1762.  Copies of St. Michael's records, found on the Halpenny web site (see below) list Jane's father as "the late John Twamley of Mullahullen". The same page of the record lists a Jane Twamley as christened to parents John and Elizabeth Twamley in November 1743.

Edward Chamney Jr. 
(b.c.  1769 -  m. Rebecca Cummings - d. 16 June 1860 Carnew All Saints Church ) remained in Wicklow.  His brother, Henry Chamney  came to Canada and located at Elizabethtown and his brother John Chamney came to Lanark (buried at St. George's, Clayton).

Edward Jr. and Rebecca Chamney had six (or seven) children, Four came to Canada with James Chamney and his sister Rebecca staying behind, both marrying into the Bolger family. The farm they occupied is still farmed by the descendants of this family to this day according to Chamney rearcher Deb Flanagan .

The remaining uncertainty in this Tree is marked by the numbers 1 and 2 in green. There were two Jane Twamley's linked to St. Michael's Church of Ireland who could have been the Jane who married Edward Chamney in 1762.  There was a Jane Twamley born to John Twamley and Lady Mary Lyndon c. 1744 - and there was, it seems, at least one and perhaps two other John Twamley's as seen on the Tree above. My leaning is twoards a John Twamley who possibly first married a Mary ______, and had four children with her, and who is listed as the father of Jane Twamley (wife Elizabeth) in November 1843. My reason for leaning in this direction is simply that Jane's marriage to Edward is not listed in the Nauvoo Baptismal File - which lists the other members of John and Mary's family and their spouses.

Edward Chamney (1812-1869) first appears in Canada when marrying Ann Code in 1847. As his parents stayed in Ireland, it seems likely that he came to Canada with his uncle, John Chamney as a youth - but that is merely a conclusion by exclusion.

I believe this Tree to be quite accurate. Several researchers have contributed to it - particularly Arlyn Mongomery who supplied the Code side from Geeorge Code and Jane Morris to Alice Munro (she also supplied this information to Munro biographer Robert Thacker. Deb Flanagan supplied the Chamney material - and Sherry Twamley and I have cooperated to piece together the early Twamley pieces. We are satisfied that this is accurate after many conversations and referes to the International Genealogical Index (IGI). There is a somewhat convoluted logic which makes Jane Twamley the daughter of John Twamley and Mary Lyndon - but we believe it holds up to scrutiny.