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The GROVES family of Lower Aghowle Townland, Aghold Parish has deep links with the Astleford and Dowling families of Aghold. This page should be viewed with this in mind and linked to the ASTLEFORD- DOWLING PAGE.



The turn-of-the 19th century JOHN- MARGARET GROVES FAMILY of Upper Aghold, Wicklow County (then known as Carlow County)

While this page is submitted without apology for missing information - as information from Ireland is notoriously difficult to assemble, and some as been lost over time, the exercise leaves room for other researchers to add and correct. The areas where I feel the evidence is weak or missing are printed in RED so that future researchers will know where concentration of their efforts will be fruitful.

One of the many remaining mysteries, and a good exercise for "forensic genealogy" is the John and Margaret Groves family.

Margaret Groves
, by this time a widow, came to Canada as part of the Peter Robinson settlements in 1825, following two daughters who had previously settled in Lanark County.

An Irish professional genealogist, Mr. O'Neill, traced the family to two side-by-side farms listed in the Tithe Allotments of 1814-1825, in Aghowle Upper,  about 5 km. by road south of the village of Coolkenna. The listing is "John Groves or Widow Groves 11 acres, 3 rod, 34 perch, and John Groves, 12 acres  2 rod.

JOHN and MARGARET's church marriage record was viewed by Mr. O'Neill, and is in less than pristine shape I am told, and reads"JOHN GROVES m. MARGARET CUN... E 1792" (the middle letters of the name were obliterated beyond recognition)

How's that for leaving us hanging?

Joseph Codd, in dictating the 1843 Nauvoo Baptismal File, listed JOHN & MARGARET GROVES as among his deceased cousins. Since he listed all of his aunts and uncles (it would seem) MARGARET could have been a CODD - but could also have been a TWAMLEY, a HOPKINS, a HAWKINS, a CHAMNEY or a CUNDLE. More on this below. The search has not been easy!

 JOHN and MARGARET bore at least 10 children. JOHN died in 1819, and an unidentified GEORGE CODD paid the leasehold on the property for at least two years, was reimbursed by the Fitzwilliam Estate and the property was transferred to a W. GROVES (could this stand for Widow Groves?)

All of John and Margaret's family emigrated to Canada except for John b. 1801, Elizabeth and Mary with the James family of Munahullen, Ann with her husband Daniel Hunt, and Margaret with the remainder of her family in 1825 with the Peter Robinson Settlers. who were settled near Peterborough, Ontario (Peterborough being names after the illustrious Peter Robinson.)

The Astleford Family Connection?

JOHN & Margaret's son, JOHN (b. 1801), IS NOT the JOHN GROVES who married ELLEN ASTLEFORD in 1820. This would have been a very comfortable assumption, as the Astlefords did live close by the Groves family. Rather, JOHN and MARGARET's son JOHN GROVES married SUSANNAH RODGERS and had children JANE, MARGARET and JOHN before JOHN died in 1829. After JOHN died in 1829, SUSANNAH married JOHN COE in 1830.

The Astlefords And Their GROVES Connection

For the sake of completeness, a few notes about ELLEN ASTLEFORD, who married another JOHN GROVES (of Leany - which was nearbly in St. Mullins "Diocesce" ) JOHN GROVES of Leany married ELLEN Feb. 5 1820. Their children are unknown, as they lived outside the area researched. Ellen Groves of Leany (in Tullow Parish ) died and was buried May 23 1837.

William Groves of Leany died 12 June 1819. Was he a bother to JOHN or his father, perhaps? Was he the WILLIAM GROVES who applied for reparations after the Rebellion of 1798? Quite possibly. Was he originally from Ahold? A William Groves of John and Mary Groves was baptized at Aghold Sept. 9 1744.

JOHN GROVES and RICHARD GROVES were tennant occupants at Leany in 1852 (Griffith's Valauation). JOHN GROVES of Leany (or alternatively a son, of his named JOHN) was known, through a letter,  to have emigrated to North America in 1853.

ELLEN ASTLEFORD's ancestry is known.

was born in 1722 at Aghold and died in 1822. His parents were SAMUEL and CHARLOTTE, and his 1st wife (1752) was HANNAH. They had at least one son, THOMAS ASTLEFORD, who had a near brush with death during the Rebellion of 1798

His second wife (1781) at age 59 was ELIZABETH ________ (1758-1840).

The eight known children each married into a mainstream Aghold Church of Ireland family.

3.) WILLIAM ASTLEFORD (1787 -  ) moved to Coolcullen in Kilkenny County
4.) MARGARET ASTLEFORD m. (1815) WILLIAM LEYBOURNE. They are the likely parents of JANE LEYBOURNE who married JOHN CODD in 1843 who farmed at Munahullen and kept in touch by letter with his brothers "Sailor Bill" CODE and "Tanner Joe" Code who came to North Elmsley Twp. Lanark County, in the 1850's.
5.) ELLEN (1792) m. JOHN GROVES

The Astleford family of Aghold of this generation were involved in the emigration to Canada, with one example being the emigration of AMELIA and her husband JOHN BYRNE to the Bytown (Ottawa) area. This is but one of several trails which led to Canada. The reader might also check out WILLIAM ASTLEFORD, whose descendants left Coolcullen to come to Canada.

JOHN and MARGARET GROVES FAMILY (copied originally from DAVID MURDOCH and later amended)

1. ELIZABETH GROVES was born 1792 in Aghoule, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. She married Thomas James (b. 1787) of Munahullen, having one daughter Mary Jane (b. 1815) who m. Richard Codd/Coad (b. 1813) son of Thomas Codd/Coad and Elizabeth Twamley. She died on 17 Apr 1876 in E Wawanosh, Huron Co., Ontario.

2. ABRAHAM GROVES was born on 23 May 1794 in Aghoule, Co. Wicklow,
Ireland. He died Bef. 1808 in Aghoule, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.
3. ANN GROVES. She was born 1796 in Aghoule, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. She
married Daniel Hunt. They were married on 11 Jan 1820. She died on 24 Jun
1877 in Kitley Twp., Ontario, Canada [6].

4. JANE GROVES was bapt. Nov. 11 1798 in Aghoule, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

5. JOHN GROVES was born 1801 in Aghoule, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. He
married Susannah Rodgers.  He died 1829 in Aghoule, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.
6. THOMAS GROVES  was born 1803 in Aghoule, Co. Wicklow, Ireland [8]. He
died on 31 Aug. 1892 in Verulam Twp., Victoria Co., Ontario.

N.B. :A THOMAS GROVES  m. Jane Chamney bapt. 19 Feb. 1804 St. Michael's, daughter of Edward (1769-1860) and Rebecca Chamney, granddaughter of Edward Chamney b.c. 1740 and Jane Twamley b. 1744. Daughter Rebecca Groves b. 8 nov. 1842. bapt. St. George's, Ramsay Twp. These cannot be the same Thomas Groves so a search for the other one is appropriate.

7. MARY GROVES was born 1805 in Aghoule, Co. Wicklow, Ireland [9]. She
married James Smith. They were married Abt. 1825 in Ramsay Twp., Lanark Co.,
Ontario, Canada. She died on 26 Jun 1873 in Clayton, Ramsay Twp., Lanark Co.,
Ontario, Canada.
8. ABRAHAM GROVES was born 1808 in Aghoule, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. He married Margaret Gibson. They were married on 01 May 1839 in Emily Twp., Victoria Co., Ontario. He died on 17 Jan 1892 in Fergus, Ontario. Abraham's son, also ABRAHAM GROVES became one of the most adventuresome, well-known and respected surgeons in Canadian history - performing the first appendectomy in north America - and probably the first hysterectomy -  which you can read about HERE.

9. MARGARET GROVES was born on 21 Oct 1811 in Aghoule, Co. Wicklow, Ireland [14, 15, 16]. She married Richard Carew. They were married on 22
Nov. 1831 in Cavan Twp., Peterborough Co., Ontario. She died on 26 Nov. 1910 in
Emily Twp. Victoria Co. Ontario.

10. JAMES GROVES  was born 1814 in Aghoule, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.
He died on 05 Jul. 1884 in Emily Twp. Victoria Co. Ontario.

I cannot absolutely vouch for the information above. I know that most of it checks out, but some of it may be conjecture. Since it was authored by Groves descendant David Murdoch (see HERE ), may I suggest you contact him by e-mail HERE if you have questions. Please let me know HERE if changes should be made to the information.

Who Were JOHN GROVES and MARGARET _______'s Ancestors and Family?

1.) The Family's Connection  to George Codd of Kitley Twp. Leeds County, Ontario

After the death of John Groves in 1819 (buried at St., Michael's Church of Ireland Jan. 9th 1819), his leasehold was conveyed to an unidentified George Codd, who later conveyed it to W. Groves (Fitzwilliam Estate Records).

As seen in the map below, there were two George Codds in the vicinity of Aghowle Upper in 1824 - around the time of the leasehold assumption.

A George Codd/Coad (wife - Mary Blackburn) (probably, but not necessarily the same one who assumed the Groves leasehold for a period) settled Kitley Twp., Ontario in 1832.

 Joseph Codd
and his wife Mary ______ (also thought to be CODD) had already arrived in 1824. A William Codd, as yet unidentified, was also resident in Kitley Twp. in 1824, with 1 male child and 2 female children, the same time as Joseph Codd arrived. The relationship among these Codds has not been established and remains obscure.

 WILLIAM CODD b. 1813, son of William (1786) and Hannah (1790-1825) Codd arrived with one of these families, but wich one has not yet been uncovered.

George Codd who m. Mary Blackburn (birth ? 1783), is variously said to have been born in 1783 or as late as 1794 (IGI). Their first verified child was Catherine Codd b. 1811-12 (though at least one researcher has conjectured a daughter - Henrietta Codd in 1803). The age of George Codd in 1821 was between 27 and 38. RESEARCH TO BE DONE: Further investigate Henrietta. Was she a sister of George Codd, rather than a daughter?

A Jane Groves b. c. 1784 married a George Blackburn b. c. 1785 in Wicklow  about 1804. There is also  a recorded birth of another George Blackburn in 1805 - but possiby not in the same Parish. I think it is fair to conjecture that Jane Groves was a sister of JOHN GROVES. I think that we will be able to conjecture even more from this - but let's leave that to later - when we consider who were JOHN GROVES parents. The George-Jane Blackburn family are said to have migrated first to Ramsay Township Lanark County Ontario and then to Manitoba. In fact, they had at least two children at Aghold - Margaret Blackburn in 1818 who  married (1839) John McClelland , settling at Con. 3 Lot 23 Kitley Twp. - and Jane Blackburn who m. James Williscroft. This suggests that  Mary (Blackburn) Codd and George Blackburn  were brother and sister  - further suggesting that Mary's father was named George, as well (although, no evidence has surfaced to support this).  If so, this could explain George and Mary naming their first son George - after Mary's father first- and after his father, George Codd second.

Looking at the tenants at Aghowle Townland in 1839, one also sees a Peter Blackburn b. 1795,  right next to an entry for Mrs. Mary Coe (who was Mary GROVES, - b. 1774 (
  Samuel Coe married Mary Groves January 11, 1794) - either a sister of John Groves or possibly a niece) and three Coe sons - John, Thomas and Samuel - additionally making it very likely that Aghowle Upper was the seat of the Blackburn family from which Mary Blackburn came.

Just out of interest, we also see in  the Aghowle Tenants List of 1827 (see link above) Mrs. Elizabeth Astleford age 80 - who would have been the widow of  Samuel Astleford - and mother of ELLEN (Astleford) GROVES. - and next to her on one side William Dowling who m. her daughter, Anne Astleford, while in the other side - Mrs. Leybourne - who would have been the mother of William Leybourne -  who married her other daughter  - Margaret Astleford.

Conjecture About George Codd m. Mary Blackburn (Brian)

First, we have compelling evidence above that George Codd (Mary Blackburn) was from Aghowle Townland. While biographers of GEORGE CODD (Mary Blackburn) suggest that he was b.c. 1783, IGI suggests a date as late as 1795 and a marriage in 1811 (he would have been 16). They had a daughter Catherine in 1811. This identifies the name Catherine, in all probability as the name of either George or Mary's mother.

We have a date for the birth of a first son, George Sept. 6th 1812 in the Codd records from Aghold - then, second sonAbraham b. Aug. 10 1818, and third sonWilliam b. July 29 1821. While it reminds unclear who George's parents were, the following are (among the) candidates:

1) William  Codd b. 1765 (son of John Codd and Mary Singleton) and Catherine ________ married 1794, daughter Mary 1795 and no other recorded children. (George/Mary's daughter Catherine (coincidentally?) married William Singleton).

Mary Codd of this marriage could have been the wife of Joseph Codd. (no evidence) It has been firmly held in  family circles that she was a Codd as well.

2.) George Codd b. 1767, son of George (James-Ann) and Rachel (JohnTwamley - Mary Lyndon) Codd.

3.) Abraham Codd b. 1770 - another son of George and Rachel Codd  (family unknown).

NOTE August 2008: LDS now reports the following genealogy which differs from the conjecture above:

Ancestors of George Codd
First Generation
1.  George Codd, son of George Codd and Rachel Twamley, was born in 1783 in Wicklow County, Leinster, Ireland, died on Jan 16, 1853 in Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada aged 70, and was buried in Forbes Cemetery, Kitley, Leeds, Ontario Canada.
Noted events in his life were:
•  He emigrated Sailed in 1820 from Aghold, Wicklow, Ireland.
George married Mary Blackburn in 1810 in Wicklow County, Leinster, Ireland.
Second Generation (Parents)
2.  George Codd, son of James Codd and Mary, was born in 1733 in Boley, Wicklow, Leinster, Ireland.
George married Rachel Twamley in 1764 in St. Michael Church, Aghowle (Wicklow) Ireland.
The child from this marriage was:
1     i.       George Codd
3.  Rachel Twamley, daughter of John Twamley and Lady Mary Lyndon, was born in 1738.
Rachel married George Codd in 1764 in St. Michael Church, Aghowle (Wicklow) Ireland.
Third Generation (Grandparents)
4.  James Codd was born in 1710 and died in 1763 aged 53.
James married Mary.
The child from this marriage was:
2     i.       George Codd
5.  Mary .
Mary married James Codd.
6.  John Twamley, son of James Twamley Sr. and Margaret, was born in 1715 and died in 1762 aged 47.
John married Lady Mary Lyndon in 1740.
The child from this marriage was:
3     i.       Rachel Twamley
7.  Lady Mary Lyndon was born in 1719.
Mary married John Twamley in 1740.
Fourth Generation (Great-Grandparents)
12.  James Twamley Sr.
James married Margaret.
The child from this marriage was:
6     i.       John Twamley
13.  Margaret .
Margaret married James Twamley Sr..

My NOTE: This would be a neat concluding piece of evidence were it backed up by church records which record a 1783 birth of George to George and Rachel Codd. So far, I have not seen such a record, and all previous information suggests that they had a son, George in 1767. To me, the jury remains out on this one.  

If one follows the Irish Naming Pattern of naming children after their grandparents, the most likely current candidates for George's parents appear to be William and Catherine Codd. The George codd who paid tithes on  acres in Aghowle was referred to in the Tithes allotment as George William Codd. RESEARCH TO BE DONE: This needs to be fleshed out further.

It is clear that Mary Blackburn was already linked to the GROVES family (her likely brother George Blackburn married Jane Groves.) When George Codd paid the Groves leasehold, after JOHN GROVES's death in 1819 - he was evidently doing so for one of his wife's family.

Conversations with descendants of George Codd of Kitley suggest that he, indeed, travelled to Canada in 1820, secured a large parecel of land, returned to Aghold, then returned in 1832, having enlisted members f his family to share the holdings. Lacking sufficient memebers to occupy the land, it is said that he agreed to share it with the Purcell and Forbes families whom he met while crossing the Atlantic.

George and Mary Codd/ Coad emigrated to Kitley Twp. in 1832, locating close to William Dack and his wife  Jane Codd (George and Rachel). Richard Codd, chr. 1 Oct 1812 at St. Michael's - son of Thomas Codd/Coad (1773-1852) and Lady Elizabeth Twamley. Richard moved from the homestead (Lanark Twp.) on marrying MARY JAMES, daughter of Thomas James and ELIZABETH GROVES in 1841. Richard purchased part of Con. 4 Lot. 17 in Kitley from William Code m. Ann Wilton), and later (1853) led several others to settle East Wawanosh (near Lake Huron). Joseph Codd and his wife Mary lived nearby  as did Daniel and Ann Hunt (Con. 5 Lot 18) Ann  was Ann Groves b. 1796  daughter of  John and Margaret  Groves. Ann lived with either George Codd (1784 to as late as 1794- 1853) /Mary Blackburn or their son, George Coad (1818- 1904) and his wife Esther Johnston, after Daniel's death.

2.) John/ Mary GROVES were, according to the Nauvoo Baptismal File "cousins" of Joseph Codd - Who Was Joseph Codd (1783 - ?)?

Joseph Codd,
son of Abraham (1737- ) Codd and Mary (? 1755-60 -) Twamley  became, as a Mormon, the author of the Nauvoo Baptismal File. He arrived in Kitley Twp. in 1824, travelling on the same ship as an unidentified William Codd and his family, and James Codd travelling as a single.  Joseph bought a lot from John Flinn in 1826. In the Nauvoo File lists JOHN and MARGARET GROVES as his "cousins."

RECORDS FROM KITLEY"Lot 12 of the 3rd Concession was Ruth Closson...In 1826 the whole lot was sold to John Flinn, who sold the south half of the lot that same year to Joseph Codd, and the north half of the lot to Michael Shanks for 75 pounds in 1828. Joseph Codd sold the south half of the lot to William Mara in 1837..."

Joseph was b. 1783 and appears to have grown up at Munahullen (see CODD page), the next townland to Aghowle Upper - where the GROVES family lived.

The "Elusive" JANE CUN____E

I beieve we have now solved the mystery below to everyone's satisfaction. The object of the search was to determine the identity of the wife of JOHN GROVES b. 1765. She was, indeed, MARGARET CUNDLE or CONDELL, daughter of JOHN CONDELL and JANE CODD. The "conjecture" in purple below shows how difficult it is to pin these things down. While it is a moot point now - I thought it worth leaving in place, just to show the difficulty in placing family members when documentation is scanty.

Determining where MARGARET, wife of John Groves fits in as a "cousin" to Joseph is easier said than done. Her surname does not appear in any of the known records to date.

Abraham, Joseph's father had (at least) 9 siblings, 5 of whom would be "eligible" as parents of Margaret.

George, Abraham's
older brother and his family are not mentioned in the Nauvoo File. They are well documented elsewhere and do not include a (known) Margaret.
 There are no known marriage records for James or Thomas - but Joseph lists a cousin JAMES right under his uncle James - probably his son. So he likely married.

Jane Codd (father listed as John - but I think in error) m. John Cundle of Hackettstown comes straight from the St. Michael's records - but IGI has an entry in which John Cundle (b. Aghold c. 1740)  m. (1764) Jane Twamley b.c. 1744. These entries are troublesome - not impossible - and need further research.  The name John Cundle appears in various Hackettstown records as does the name Henry Pollard, another of Joseph Codd's listed "cousns." Hackettstown was another seat of the Codd family.

Elizabeth Codd m. John Hawkins 24 May 1754 (St. Michael's records) Children are listed as 'cousins" by Joseph - right under the John and Margaret Groves entry (see Codd page). IGI has Elizabeth Twamley b. 1742 (John/ Mary) m. (c. 1762) John Hawkins. I find these two last IGI (Cundle and Hawkins) entries troublesome - and it makes me wonder if there wasn't some speculative entries. I don't have any idea what it  would take to clear this up. Family lore has always had Elizabeth Twamley (John/Mary) m. Thomas Codd  (James/Ann) but there is no record to back this up.

Nevertheless, this leaves:   JOHN and ELIZABETH HAWKINS
                                           JOHN and JANE CUNDLE (or CONDELL)
                                           JAMES CODD
                                           THOMAS CODD ...

 as possible parents for MARGARET GROVES  - just on the Codd side.

On the Twamley side, we see 6 possible siblings for Joseph's mother, Mary Twamley.

Isabella Twamley m. to Michael Flinn appears right above John and Margaret Groves in the Nauvoo File. These is no likely Margaret Flinn birth in this era on IGI.

I tend to discount Elizabeth Twamley/Michael Hawkins as church records show sees no suggestion that this marriage occurred - but it remains possible.

The Elizabeth Twamley - Thomas Codd possibility is discussed above.

Joseph Codd was  Margaret's cousin.

Joseph and Henrietta Hopkins
remain in consideration but there is no recorded Margaret Hopkins in this era (IGI).

The CHAMNEY's are out. Their family is completely documented and does not include a MARGARET. Interestingly enough, however, a granddaughter of the Edward Chamney- Jane Twamley marriage - Jane Chamney b. 1804 m. a Thomas Groves and emigrated to Ramsay Township. Lanark County, Ontario - where Margaret Groves' two older daughters ended up with the James family.

Peter Twamley and his wife Mary are possible parents. There is one MARGARET TWAMLY (sp.) marriage in 1732 to Henry Wilson. This is likely John Twamley's sister (or cousin).

Thomas Twamley is included, as one was b.c. (IGI) 1756 - which is within the period that would make him a brother of the above. He does not appear in the Nauvoo File and could come from another family.

This leaves:               MICHAEL and ISABELLA FLINN
                                  JOHN and ELIZABETH HAWKINS
                                  JOSEPH and HENRIETTA HOPKINS
                                  PETER AND MARY TWAMLEY
                                  THOMAS TWAMLEY .....
                                   as possible parents for MARGARET

So, we are left with at least eight possible pairings as parents of MARGARET. I have excluded, by the way, the possibility that MARGARET may have been a cousin of Joseph's wife, Mary, as, if seems, no other of MARY's relatives have been mentioned in the Nauvoo File - suggesting that MARGARET was related to him, not her. But, then again, I could be wrong. We cannot exclude the possibility that the term "cousin" was broadly applied and might have be attributed to any relative.

And the answer, from among 8 candidates, is Margaret CUNDLE.

3.) JOHN GROVES' ancestors at Aghold Parish

The Period Before John Groves Birth 1700-1765

The GROVES family at Aghold goes back to the very year that St. Michael's Church was built - 1711 - when Nicholas Groves married Mary Drinkwater (one record has it Drinkmilk) and a year later Apr. 1712) when Philip Groves and his wife Mary buried their son Philip. In 1714 Nicholas and Mary have a son Thomas - and another son Abraham before 1720. Nicholas Groves is put to rest Sept. 20 1739.

We then skip ahead to 1732 when a John and Margaret Groves have a child - whose name is obscured in the old records. With the  name John, we will tentatively put him in the Abraham Groves line - i.e. as a son of Nicholas and Mary. They have a son Nicholas, January 30th 1738 and a son William Groves Sept. 9th 1744. So Abraham Groves who married Jane Dagg in 1763 becomes the very likely son of one or the other of these presumed brothers - probably Abraham.

Philip and Mary Groves (2nd generation it would have to be) have a son Philip Groves Feb. 11th 1754 - and a daughter, Elizabeth in 1761, and a son John in 1765. This line then skips ahead to the Philip Groves above who had a son Richard in 1813.

None of the following possibilities of connecting the dots are more than that at this point. But some appear quite likely. For instance....

Abraham Groves of Boley Townland m. JANE DAGG of Aghold April 25 1763.

John Groves was baptized July 12th 1765. The names Abraham and Jane appear among John and Margaret's children - the name Abraham twice.

But, but, but.... we also see 
Jan 6, 1765 baptism John of Philip and Mary Groves. We also see the baptism of Elizabeth of Philip and Mary Groves Feb. (?30) 1761. But the name Phillip/Philip does not appear in John's family. We can assume that John did not come from this family branch. If he had, there would have been a Philip somewhere.

 At the very least, there were two John Groves in Aghold from 1765 onwards.

The Period From 1810 to 1830

Philip Groves marries Bridget Whitty - and we see
on July 11 1811, the baptism of Richard of Philip & Bridget. They later have a child Ann who is baptized at the Roman Catholic Church in Clonegal June 23 1822 (sponsors James Whitty, Margaret Bailey, Coolkenno).

We also see a Nicklis and Ann Groves baptizing children Susanna Groves 21 May 1805 and Mary Groves 2 May 1813, and John and Susanna Groves baptizing Jane Sept 23 1821, Margaret Feb. 5 1825, and John Feb. 25 1827, Edward and Ann Groves baptizing Sarah Groves, Feb. 5 1818 and Thomas Groves Dec. 2 1821.

          Other Records

Abstracts of Leases:Indentures:
Killibegg, Killiague(?) and Lumcloon - Susanna Dowling, John Dowling & Nicholas Groves 29 Aug.,. 1808 for the life of John Groves son of Nicholas age 8.

Thomas Groves (1784-1844) is buried at (nearby) Tullow.

While  there remain some "stray" GROVES family members,  who are hard to attribute to specific families, there appears to be a PHILIP line and a  NICHOLAS line, descending from two likely brothers who were born in the 1600's. The Nicholas line has been more or less sorted out in the following family tree:

For more on the connections among the GROVES, ASTLEFORD and DOWLING families CLICK HERE

Stray Groves Decendants From Aghold 1800-1830 Who Came To Canada


William Groves (of currently unknown parentage - worth researching )
married ELIZABETH ANN JAMES (b. > 1820), daughter of JOHN JAMES (b. 1806 Munahullen) and  MARY HILL. Her grandparents were WILLIAM JAMES (b. 1786 Munahullen) and ELIZABETH CHAMNEY (b. 1786 Munahullen) who emigrated to Ramsay Twp. Lanark County, Ontario. WILLIAM JAMES was a brother of the above-named THOMAS JAMES who married JOHN and MARGARET GROVES' daughter Elizabeth. ELIZABETH CHAMNEY was the daughter of John Chamney and his wife Jane _______, and a granddaughter of Edward Chamney b.c. 1740 and Jane Twamley b.c. 1744.


Thomas Groves (also of unkown parentage and worth researching)
married Jane Chamney b. 1804 bapt. 23 Feb. 1804 at St. Michael's Church. She was the daughter of Edward Chamney (1759-1860) and his wife Rebecca _________. Edward was the son of the above-named
Edward Chamney b.c. 1740 and Jane Twamley b.c. 1744. This couple emigrated to Ramsay Twp, Lanark County, Ontario, had a daughter, Rebecca 8 Nov. 1842.

An "unknown" William Groves b.c. 1825 emigrated to Lanark County, and in 1850 m. Christina MacGregor, daughter of Peter MacGregor and Catherine Ferguson of Beckwith Twp.

A Richard Groves b. 1813  and a John Groves b. 1815 emigrated to Canada and were farming at Fitzroy (near Ottawa) according to the 1881 Canadian Census. It has been shown, however, that these GROVES folk were from Tipperary, and no direct connection to the GROVES family at Aghold is apparent at this time. I had previously thought otherwise.

Unaccounted For Groves Marriages in the Diocese of Ossory, Ferns and Leighlin

NATHANIAL GROVES TO MARGARET WYTH alias WITH 1836 (there is a William
> and Richard WITH in ARDOYNE in 1733-47).

4.) Mrs. Anne Groves (1762-1834)

placed at St. Michael's Church identifies a Mrs. Anne Groves (1762-1834). It reads:

"Erected/by/George Codd/in memory of his beloved brother/ Edward Codd/ of
Downings/who departed this life 14th. July 1849/ aged 26 years/also his aunt/ Mrs. Anne Groves/ who departed this life 21st. June 1834/aged 55 years/ also his father Edward Codd who died June the 22nd 1827 aged 65 years also his son/ Edward who died January 14th. 1854 aged 3 years/ also the above George Codd/........1891 aged 62."

Downings is 12 miles (19 km.) due north of Coolkenna. The George Codd (1829-1891) who placed this memorial, by Church records was actually born in 1822. The birth record of EDWARD CODD (1762-1827)  in this era is not found in the Church Records of St. Michael's, nor does he fit into any of the known Codd families - but his death/burial is recorded at St. Michael's as in the Memorial - with the notation "Mullins in Tullow Parish." St. Mullins is a Diocesce, which includes the village and townland of Leany. I conjecture, then, that Mrs. Anne Groves (1779-1834) (the designation "Mrs." meaning that this was her married, not maiden name) was a Codd, sister to Edward, and that we should look, for the majority of his records in the Parish of Tullowphelim or beyond. As to Ann Groves - was she married to the (above) Thomas Groves of Tullow (1784-1844). I hope someone will flesh this out some more.

Tullophelim Parish 1696-1826
Marriage of Richard Groves and Anne Dack, March, 1821 (8th?) This woud appear to be Richard Groves of Leany, probable brother to John Groves of Leany - as they were married within a year of each other.

There is an unplaced Edward Codd in the Nauvoo File, listed as Joseph Codd's cousin. Could this be him? Was he Margaret's brother? Omygod,  more research!

David Murdoch, a descendant of JOHN and MARGARET GROVES has sent me along a 94 page pdf file which follows the GROVES family to the present day. It's marvelous - and it concludes that MARGARET GROVES was indeed MARGARET CODD. What evidence he has will be exciting to learn. In addition to a complete listing of JOHN and MARGARET's family, David has included a remarkable biography of JOHN and MARGARET's grandson, Dr. Abraham Groves, son of Abraham, who we have listed above as being born  in Aghold in 1808.  I am including  David's Family Tree HERE and the article which has been printed separately HERE. Dr. Groves performed the first appendectomy in North America and perhaps the first hysterectomy. Enjoy the read. I did!

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