YCLC Canada Inc.
a federally incorporated non-profit corporation

partners in producing the
Young Canadian Leadership Challenge®
Défi Leadership Jeunesse Canada



  • E-mail: info@yclc.ca
  • Managing Director - Natalie Fraser-Purdy - Buckingham (Gatineau) Québec 819-281-1503
  • Mail: YCLC Canada Inc., 14 Rockfield Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario K2E 5L7
  • Website: www.yclc.ca
  • For telephone links to specific programs in specific cities, please consult the CURRENT INFO PAGES HERE

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The Young Canadian Leadership Challenge (YCLC) is produced by YCLC Canada Inc. , a Canadian non-profit corporation with headquarters at 14 Rockfield Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario K2E 5L7. The intellectual property of the program is owned by the Leaders-of-Tomorrow Institute division of Econiche Inc.
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The program was designed by Dr. Brian C. Bailey M.D. (819) 827-0561 and others.